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remote maintenance, visual patrol, fleet management,mobile CCTV solution

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Remote maintenance, visible patrol, fleet management

mobile CCTV solution





  At present, the traditional railway inspection will meet the following problems:

  1、 regular maintenance work of remote supervision is ineffective;

  2、 sudden failure of maintenance support (no video, and the phone effect is poor);

  3、 maintenance process to record, can not form the experience and data accumulated;

  4、 the team without effective tools.

  And the way to solve this problem is to provide the body worn camera, it rely on a back-end service system to provide these conveniences to the headquarters

  1、 construction site (real time transport based real-time monitoring background, supervision and construction details);

  2、 remote technical support (the company and employees can initiate two-way support and request assistance);

  3、 personnel management (attendance, scheduling, supervision);

  4、 data collection (information statistics, detailed for two mining and fine management for electric power company).

  The employs more than 190,000 people.Many of these people work alone – not just those on the track, but also ticket office and platform staff, train managers and delivery drivers, all of whom require safeguards and reassurance. Rail operators’ safety focus tends to be on track workers, but recent figures suggest that rail workers are more likely to face assault compared to employees of any other sector. Customer-facing rail workers often have to deal with abuse from passengers, particularly those under the influence of alcohol and drugs?who can be more aggressive and unpredictable.All workers need to be kept safe, regardless of the type or severity of risks that they’re facing.




  Safety for lone workers

  The employee expected to be kept safe with a combination of practice, technology and standards. Employee safety should be a key driver of equipment purchasing decisions and employees should be taught how to assess all risks that they may face daily in their role. Employers should also be aware of their legal responsibilities which include protecting staff with robust health and safety measures.

  The devices that are currently being used leverage mobile phone technology to connect workers with emergency response systems and law enforcement. Workers are required to send a pre-activation message to inform an alarm-receiving centre whenever they enter an area of potential risk. If a situation arises, they must trigger a feature on their device which opens an audio channel with the alarm centre. The centre then needs to assess, via audio, if emergency services are required.

  This solution isn’t as efficient and thorough as it could, and arguably needs, to be. Workers are required to press buttons on their device when potentially they could need to react to situations around them. As well as this, emergency services may struggle to understand a situation if they’re receiving just audio from a worker’s device.


  Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of production, ensure the safety, stability and long term operation of the plant, eliminate hidden dangers ahead of time, improve the running rate of equipment, and do preventive maintenance work well. Through the introduction of our 4G graph transmission intelligent inspection system, the two dimensional code identity card is used to innovate the large equipment. Scientific management of patrol personnel, through the electronic processing of inspection data, image and video, improves the efficiency of patrol inspection and ensures the safe production of enterprises. Through the Smarteye visualization system platform, the inspection records can be paperless and efficient, and the inspection time and human cost can be greatly saved.

  To avoid the tedious process of the original handwriting and handwriting, it is possible to automatically generate patrol inspection records by scanning the large size equipment's two-dimensional code ID card, and automatically generate the inspection results, so as to provide managers with abundant data statistics and analysis reports. The possible occurrence of the accident seedling and hidden trouble focused on the investigation, the safety of the hidden danger in the bud in the state.

  Being a lone worker is psychologically taxing work, particularly for those in remote areas, at night, and for those that are required to work long shifts completely alone. Workers deserve to know that they have an extra pair of eyes looking out for them if an incident takes place and they need assistance. Live streaming video from bodyworn cameras can help.

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